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Jennifer Rowe has been practicing law for over 10 years. Her primary expertise is in the area of probate litigation which primarily includes contested conservatorships, trust and will disputes, and elder abuse matters.  

When you meet with me, you will realize I am different than other attorneys. I will brainstorm with you to find resolutions to your issues without jumping into a lawsuit. I find lawsuits to be very difficult for those involved and unnecessary in most circumstances. I will also explain everything to you in non-legalize so that you can understand all your options without needing to google what I say or leave with unanswered questions.
Although, if a lawsuit becomes necessary we are able to move forward with full force and make the legal system work for you. We litigate in all southern California counties.
I have served as President Elect on the Joe Campbell American Inns of Court and as Treasurer in the Inland Empire Legal Woman’s organization. I am currently on the board of directors for Women in Diversified Services a non-profit organization.

Please contact my office and we can sit together and work out your legal issues so that you can move on to better things.

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Has been practicing Law for the past 19 years. She have a vast array of expertise in the area of

Business litigation, Business Formation, Corporate law, trust and Estates, Probate, Insurance Defense.  I enjoy what I do and love working with my client to resolve their legal issues so they can move on with their lives.

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The complex nature of the cases Jennifer has litigated has often required the application of other areas of law in order to obtain satisfactory resolutions for her clients and justice for victims of elder abuse. As a result, Jennifer’s expertise in probate matters extends to defending elderly individuals against fraudulent claims filed in civil courts, resolving business disputes between beneficiaries, applying community property and family law in matters between spouses, and evicting individuals from trust or estate property, just to name a few.
Each trust and estate matter is important because it literally concerns a person’s life. From drafting a personalized estate plan to assisting your loved ones with carrying out your wishes, we believe that these experiences should bring a sense of comfort and fulfillment. Thankfully, most families work together through the probate process and disputes are rare. However, when they do arise, disputes often involve allegations of financial elder abuse or misappropriation of assets. These cases are generally not criminally prosecuted and so often probate litigation is your only recourse. 
 Jennifer is admitted to practice before both California State and Federal Courts. She has served as an expert in trust law for a litigation team representing a high-profile client in one of the largest bankruptcies in California history. In a highly contested probate matter, Jennifer sought and obtained the appointment of a receiver who brought an end to all litigation within one year. She also recently served as co-counsel in a class action fraud matter which settled for over $5 million dollars.
Jennifer is friendly and well-liked by her clients. She is analytical, savvy, and fiercely devoted to protecting elders from abuse. 

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